Mum Hack - Taming the almost Miss 4

Mum Hack - Taming the almost Miss 4

Minene Mum Hacks (aka mom hacks) is a series of parenting tips, tricks, bribes and mishaps from our very own Minene Mums! There might not be any science (or good judgement) behind our hacks, but whatever works right? ;)

We don't boast to be a parenting Queens, however when something works, we feel us Mums have to share - even if it isn't our proudest moment! In fact, especially if it isn't our proudest moment!


So, navigating life as a 3 year old isn't easy, throw in a lockdown and a baby sister in the mix, and it is no wonder that Annabelle's been having a bit of a time of it. 

We have used rewards in the past; toilet training had the poster on the wall, we have used stickers - but nothing has worked like this!

Now, some of it could be down to timing and understanding - she is 4 in a month's time after all. However, I think  a lot of it is to do with the visual nature of the whole thing! The jars, the balls and the prize!

Want to know the hack?

How to do it

OK, so for this you will need

1. A jar

2. Pompoms or cotton wool balls - depending on the size of your jar 

3. A prize

4. A whole bunch of expectations and some patience ;) 

So, the idea is simple. Do something good and earn pom poms, do something not so good, lose them. The aim of the game, fill the pom poms to the line and win the prize - happy kids, happy parents, happy life. 

With Annabelle, the prize was very important. We buy the prize at the start, so she can physically see what she is trying to earn and then she goes about earning and negotiating more or less pom poms as the days and weeks go on.

The beauty of this approach is she is 100% responsible for how many pompoms she earns a day and understands that teeth cleaning is an instant one, as is taking her dishes to the bench and so on. And on the flip side, taking her sister's toys is an instant loss, as is door slamming. It also works when we are out, a quiet 'remember the pom poms' under your breath when in the cafe and TA DA! child is back on track!

It has also helped us when out shopping. Instead of the standard 'I want, I want' I can easily tell her that she is still working on earning the last prize, but I will keep it in mind for the next one. And it works! I don't know how or why, but it does!

The set up is simple and it works! Job done!

Give it a go - it doesn't take much! And let us know how you get on!! xx


Rebecca Limbrick Swanson
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